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I visited AMC 22 IN Charlotte NC on 9/6/16. When I arrived I got my ticket (11:47am) and went to the stand to buy a candy and a bottle of water.

At that time I went to the restroom that was right beside theater 1 which is where the movie was playing. There was a sign stating there was no previews due to an issue so the film would start 10 to 15 after posted time to make sure everyone who wanted to see the movie could. I took my seat around 11:51am (I know this due to an email I received) and begin to check FB as well. There was a gentleman in the same row as me further done.

I was in G15 he was around 6,7. Twice an employee walked up the stairs to state the movie would start very soon. The movie came on and about 4-5 minutes later a Manager and a Police Officer approached me. I was asked to grab my things and come out to the lobby.

I ask why and was told again. I then went with and in the lobby the officer said "I am going to ask a question and if you lie your going to jail" I said OK. He then asked if I was just in a different theater "masturbating". I was floored!

I ask "What did you say" which he repeated. I stated absolutely not and why am I being asked this. Apparently one of the workers said they saw a guy wearing the same color shirt in a different theater conduct the said act then go into the theater I was in. The office said was this shirt and she said it was blue and he had on Khaki pants.

She stated the guy was naked and she looked down and saw the clothes to the side and a hairy chest. I replied "If it was me you would see that I have a massive tattoo on my left shoulder and my right arm. Did you see that?" She stated I just saw a hairy chest. The officer asked did you see this guy and she said the same thing again.

The GM said she was sorry and did not tried to offend me. I then TOLD THEM MYSELF to check the tape and see me leave the candy stand to the restroom to the theater 1 and NEVER LEAVE. I wanted my named cleared. They looked at the tape for some time at which the office and GM came out and I was told "You are band for the location" WHAT!!!!!

I asked what for and I was told by the officer it is every organizations right to refuse service. I then asked the officer "Did you see me walk out of any other theater?" which he stated "No I did not." Keep in mind that act is a criminal offence and is a direct to jail card. I asked again why I am being band from the location which I was just told NOTHING!!!!! So in a 4 minute time frame I was able to go to a theater, take my dress clothes off, fold them nicely since they are not wrinkled, perform said act and then go to another theater.

Still waiting from my call from corporate head quarters to get an explanation why and my name cleared. If I was at fault why would I ask to have the video watched to clear my name.

Never will I visit this or any AMC location. I am furious!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Lmao I'm sorry but this is hilarious.


Well, given the tattoos, you apparently appeared to be someone who would do such a dastardly thing. Or, the young lady was having a bout of wishful dreaming.