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AMC Theaters has the worst company website I've used in years.It was very bad before being redesigned.

Now it's horrible. Today it is literally impossible to buy a ticket, and since the local AMC theater has gone to reserved seating, there is no way I'm going to just show up at the theater without a reserved seat and take whatever crappy front- or back-row corner seat is left, if any. The redesign was obviously focused on making the website prettier/flashier. What they completely missed in the redesign is *nothing* is more important than basic functionality.

If the basic website doesn't work, nobody cares how pretty it is. And it's not pretty. Sure, it has a lot of graphical content, but the user interface is horribly cumbersome. Even when I can get it to work, it is very hard to do the basics: 1.

Find a movie I want to watch. 2. Find it showing in a regular old non-IMAX, non-Dolby, non-3D theater. 3.

Find showtimes. 4. Pick a decent open seat (no front- or back-row corner seats). 5.

Buy a ticket. 6. Get the ticket on my phone, if possible, or at least be able to print it out. That's it.

If you can't do that, give up. Get out of the business. Sell AMC to another company. Fire your three highest levels of executives.

Do *something*. But stop pretending you're doing anything close to a competent job of running a company.

Jerry J.Anderson

Review about: Amc Theatres Website.

Reason of review: world's worst website.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Website.

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Your complaints about things like not sitting in a corner seat indicate that you're just not getting your tickets early enough.Other people like to pre-buy, as well, and they have the foresight to do it as soon as possible.

And why are you complaining about Dolby?

That's just a sound system, and you're honestly not going to notice the difference.

But, yes, how about they randomly fire their executives because you can't figure out a website that so many others can?That's logical.

to Anonymous Broomfield, Colorado, United States #1305332

I do buy my tickets early to get decent seats, or not at all.I won't just show up at the theater and take pot luck because the website is too painful to use, or completely down.

Dolby is not "just a sound system" at AMC Flatiron Crossing 14.

They crank up the volume to the point where it is literally painful. I had to leave the screening of "Independence Day: Resurgence" and go hide out in the bathroom. The overwhelming volume of the movie was still quite loud, even in the bathroom across the hall from the theater. I wadded up paper towels and shoved them in my ears, sucked it up, and went back into the movie.

When I asked an AMC employee if they could turn it down, he said "it's supposed to be loud." I told him it wasn't supposed to be painful, and he just shrugged. I doubt very much if the people at Dolby Laboratories would be happy with what AMC Flatiron Crossing 14 is doing to their brand.

Although it is not intuitive, I could and did "figure out the website". That's not the point. The point is even on the best of days it performs horribly.

It's not just clunky and slow, it's positively glacial. I always use my laptop, because the website is completely unusable on mobile. (Yes, I have the app, which takes 20 seconds on good Wi-Fi just to load the home page and the first four of 22 graphics.) And on the worst of days, the website doesn't work at all. When I posted my review it was literally impossible to buy a ticket.


AMC has the worst website of any company I use on even a semi-regular basis, and it is no doubt costing them millions in lost revenue.

They could literally pay a year's salary for a team of top-notch web architects for the money they're losing every month in lost sales.And yet, the site persists in it's horrid state, month after month, and in fact got much worse after the recent redesign.

Buy a clue, AMC.

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