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Your electronic gift cards are the WORST product offered by your theatre. It was nothing but a headache and a fight. My friend gifted me $25 for Christmas. Here are the episodes:

1. I attempted to use on January 1st at Oakview 24. It didn’t work. Nothing registered when the clerk scanned it or typed in the card number.

2. I attempted to purchase tickets from Fandango and when the card was “invalid” on Feb. 3rd. I called a Brenda with website support. She told me to call card support. I with a Ms. Roberts who told me to call the theatre. I called another number and spoke with Kiera. I had enough of this run around and demanded my friend get a refund. The support person stated she would mail me a physical card. That satisfied me.

3. I went to the movie with a friend on Feb.3rd. The electronic card worked! Much to my surprise. I bought two tickets at $6.94 and popcorn for $6.97. That totaled $20.67, so I figured the card worked an no more drama. I’d use the balance of $4.33 toward my next ticket.

4. Today, I went to see a movie. Mind you, I used your theatre to use the $4.33 my friend gifted me. The card didn’t work. The balance said ZERO for the clerk and when I called the balance phone number.

5. I CAN ADD. So can you! This product is coercion to go to your theatre. I will not go again. You stole money from my friend and time from me! The lady behind me offered to pay for my ticket, as it was taking too long for your product to work. What service! What a nightmare!

6. My card number is 6109301776509816. Pin 9816. Prove to me that there is a zero balance.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $5.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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having similar problems with an AMC card that I KNOW had a balance of 11.06. No balance shows when I try to use it online.

I phone the 800 number and am told that there's a $10.31 balance instead.

Doesn't matter - your online system won't acknowledge ANY balance. Total RIP OFF.


I have a gift card too. When I put the numbers in to see the balance it says the card number is invalid?

Maybe it has a 0 balance I don't know but it is a valid card.

Frustrating and waste of time. I was going to give my son a AMC gift card for Christmas but I just don't trust your cards.


Hi - I just want to confirm DON'T BUY AMC GIFT CARDS! When I peeled off the tape covering the PIN so I could buy tickets online, the number underneath was not readable.

I called the Help line and was told - "Yeah, we've had a lot of issues with the factory.

Sorry." She said I could try to use the card in-person at the theater, but we have reserved seating, so that's not a good solution. Poor service is so frustrating.


I'm having a different problem. I got the Mother's Day promotion, and loaded into my account.

So you don't have to bring anything to the theater, it's loaded in your AMC account. Ok, how does that work? Went to use it and I have a $0 balance? Where did it go?

They are asking for the card # How should I know? They said check it any time in your account so I deleted the email (***). Well it certainly is NOT in my account anymore!!

I KNEW that would happen somehow so I kept that email for a week, checking to make sure the balance was in there.. *** me, thinking the website would work and I could actually use the gift card I PAID for.