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my kids and I went to a 11am showing of beauty and the beast on 3/18/17 and since it was just released it was crowded but got there in plenty of time for seating but filled up quick.I was sitting in the middle of my 2 kids and got up to get a refill of soda before the movie started.

literally was gone maybe 3 minutes. I came back unable to find where my kids were thought I was in the wrong theater for a minute. I finally seen my eldest son waving to me as he was sitting in a different seat.. I went to him to find there was no seat for me.

I told the man next to him that he had taken our seats and he pretty much told me too bad. Here him and his family of 7 had an usher move my kids to make room. I went to the manager who did not make him move but wanted me to leave as she felt I was making a scene. I was in shock to be treated like this and humiliated.

I can't believe this company would condone this behavior especially from management!!!have no desire to visit another AMC cinema site

Review about: Amc Theatres Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: the manager be demoted.

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Get over yourself princess!!!LIFE goes on!!!

It was a freaking MOVIE!!!!NOT some special 5 star dinner with reservations. SO YOUR kids who YOU leave unattended for every *** to find wonders WHY your children were moved. A LARGER family wanted to sit together. SO YOUR children were asked to move down.

YOU KNOW that YOU were in line for MORE then "Like 3 mins" so YOU have no one to blame BUT yourself. YOU could have waited until the movie started and gotten a fresh drink during to promos. BUT you didnt do that, YOU left your children UNATTENDED!!! Meaning they couldnt defend themselves AGAINST AN ADULT IN AUTHORITY!!!!

You know, like YOU taught them. THEN you make a scene. REALLY???? How many of those other customers were wondering when they are going to get shot BECAUSE you went all postal.

So YOU didnt get the seat you wanted, YOU could have left and come back. Movie theaters tend to allow you to go to a LATER showing if YOU are uncomfortable with the size of the crowd in the theater. LOOK at what YOU showed your children. THEY look to YOU for social cues and situational awareness.

For PROBLEM SOLVING!!! YOU just showed your children that its perfectly ok to make a scene IF you dont get your way!!! Lousy parenting in my book. YOU should be ashamed of what YOU DID!!!

Im 100% thankful I wasnt there. I would have told YOU to either sit down or leave. Your choice. Too many people like to THINK they are special snowflakes when...

Mommy told you that to make YOU feel better about YOU being just like everyone else. Its NOT reality and YOU need to be setting your children up for SUCCESS!!! NOT failure because they followed YOUR examples of HOW to act in public. YOUR examples of HOW to handle a problem.

YOU CHOSE to show your rump instead of BEING AN ADULT IN FRONT OF YOUR CHILDREN!!!!

NOT the movie houses fault that YOU dont know HOW to respond to a NEW situation without VIOLENCE.I would suggest that YOU take a few CPS courses BEFORE CPS comes to see YOU!!

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to Anonymous Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #1338021

You sound a bit angry there Anonymous.What's with the rant and lecture?

You sound like you just crawled out of a cave somewhere and needed to attack someone.Take a chill pill.


From your comments I can tell you were making a scene.


You needed a soda refill before the movie even started?! If your son was too young to tell the usher that he was saving a seat for you, why the he** did you leave the kids unattended? Oh that's right, you had to have more sugary soda.


Dont even bother responding to this person, they obviously work for AMC or has nothing better to do with their time


The staff did their job and made room for a large group, and you want the manager to be demoted?Were your seats reserved, or was it first come, first served?

If it was the latter, then I'm sure you'll find that AMC reserves the right to designate where someone is seated.If your children were too young to know to tell the usher that they needed three seats together, then what were you doing leaving them alone in the theatre?

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