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The trailers are so loud I have to hold my hands over my ears until the previews are over. When the feature starts it is a little bit better.

I cannot believe that other people do not feel like I do. I have ear protection when firing a weapon that I will take to the movies in a Wal-Mart bag for now on.

I do not believe that there is a standard volume on all trailers that are controlled by the industry. I believe there is young employee that sets up the movie and thinks that louder is always better.

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Terribly loud noise at the trailers as well here in Allentown (Center Valley) PA

I has to walk out and tell them to reduce the volume

New York, New York, United States #1258115

you are so right! I am a medical doctor and consider it as violations damaging people ears.I am planning to fight and will contact several different channels including medical associations, Irina Yefimov, M.D.

to irinushka7 #1423134

I hope that the medical profession is working on this issue. Something needs to be done before a whole generation loose their hearing!

I called my health dept.

for help after coming home with my ears hurting after being in a movie theater. I complained to the theater also.

Madison, Indiana, United States #1215141

Young employee? Seems a little ageist to me.

Whether young or old it doesn't matter. The fact is there IS an industry standard volume, however this is NOT an industry standard for the filmmakers to mix their audio to. In a movie theatre there are often 12+ individual titles running at individual mixes that makes it near impossible to monitor constantly.

If you have an issue, say something to your local theatre employees. Remember it is their job to make sure you have the best time, but also remember not to attack them for things beyond their control.


Pardon the pun, but I hear you...totally. We went to see the new Star Wars and I had to leave because the volume hurt my ears.

I can't believe that people just put up with it.

I think there are more movies being cranked out period and many are subpar. To make up for the quality, the "industry" probably encourages loud movies - as though we can't see though this - anyway - protect your hearing.


This is a first. I have never heard anyone complaining about volume being too loud. If I were at the cinema and someone complained the volume was too loud and it was turned down, I would be right behind them demanding it be turned back up!

Huntington Beach, California, United States #921984

My wife and I no longer attend the movie theater due to the excessive noise level. Many of our friends feel the same way.

Reason has been banished from the movie industry!

It is well known that excessive noise can cause irreparable hearing loss yet these morons continue to put their patrons at risk. Enough is enough is enough!!

Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States #905264

I have the same complaint. Entirely too loud.

The previews were too loud, and the loud parts of the feature were way too loud. If there isn't a technician or projectionist monitoring the movie, soundtrack RMS levels should be measured using a db-meter in the seating area that receives the most sound energy. You shouldn't have to leave a movie to request that AMC stop damaging your hearing.

I feel like I paid money to have my hearing assaulted. This is your entire business, get it right.


If it's too loud, go to guest services and ask if it's possible to lower the volume.

When building the movie, the film crew associate uses specific files geared toward that theater's set up. They do not adjust or mess with the volume at all, unless a customer complains of it being too loud/soft.


The trailer sound level is always louder than the actual movie. They are programmed that way and the only way for the theatre to fix it is to lower the sound and then raise it for the movie.

When a theatre has multiple screens probably not going to happen. Plus with digital projection the films all start by themselves now at the right time.

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