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Attended the movie Dumbo 3:45pm on Sunday 3/31/2019 at Ridge Rd in Brooklyn, Ohio. Upon arrival the line was out the door..not even in the lobby OUT THE DOOR ! There was no one in the ticket booth and all three Kiosk were down. My husband asked for a manager and a young gal, with no name came out. He asked How long the Kiosk were out, and she said TWO WEEKS....really and they are not fixed yet ? So we continued to wait in line, where people were getting pissed....then they just started walking into the theater and into the movies. So we did the same, as we purchased our tickets on line.

While arriving in the theater where Dumbo was to be shown...nothing was clean....popcorn, boxes, bags, cups were was ridiculous...nothing looked like it was even attempted to be swept or picked up.

We did not get any drinks or popcorn because there were not even napkins or straws..... so we sat back down ( I wanted to leave with the conditions, but our two daughters and mother in law really wanted to see the movie and this was our only day off to go )…..

While sitting down awaiting the movie, people were looking for seats and we overheard two couples / two different times saying how cool it was to walk in and not have to pay and all they needed to do was find seats that were not taken...they latterly sat on the steps till the movie started and waited to look for seats. Loss of money to AMC!

During the movie I went to the Bathroom, where there was no toilet paper, 3 toilets not usable as they would not flush and *** in them eeewww…..

Popcorn smashed on the floor and no drying paper towels. Really!

Upon coming out of the bathroom there were 6 behind the popcorn counter , laughing having a grand old older lady cleaning up the pop area, one getting a drink for herself and drinking it on the floor....Shouldn't the of been sweeping all the smashed popcorn on the entrance floor, wiping off counters, cleaning up the bathrooms....IS THERE EVEN AN ADULT MANAGER FOR THIS PLACE ?

No heat entered that theater.....usually it is cold when you sit down or hot during the summer....but once the movie starts the temp evens out with the air or heat coming on......not this show...we sat with our coats on and many times covering our noses from the cold.

When confronting the so called manager, Chip, chap, whatever his name was...his reply was "I will get to it"...REALLY , you will "GET" to it....OBVIOUSLY he wants to be everyone's friend instead of making our company look like a professional business.

The Children I care for in my business would of taken more pride in that place then those that were working this day.

The place was filthy...Rude staff....Many seats in the theater not working correctly, torn, even gum stuck in noticeable places.

This is a great location, you would think that it would be better kept up. This was not the AMC we took our childcare during the summer....under new staff? or maybe just riff raff coming in and running it, who knows....

What I do know if I would appreciate a refund of the 2 adult, 2 Senior Citizen and 2 children tickets I paid for. My time is limited and I do not appreciate being treated rude by a teenager who can not handle responsibility or not take criticism with a grain of salt. Or having to take my Mother in law into a bathroom that has deplorable conditions.

Close the place down and do a paint job, and a uhaul of the theaters in this location....cause obviously the time in between movies was not cutting it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amc Theatres Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Conditions, Treatment.

Monetary Loss: $37.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Amc Theatres Cons: Too cold in theaters, Horrible service.

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