6587 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas, NV 89119, USA
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Not sure of her first name,might have been chevronne, her last name she said is moore,she rudely came up to the box office window and grabbed my movie pass from cashier and told me come another day,that i can't see a movie today because 2 very young employees got mad i went out the inner double exit and came back in,the exit I'm talking about is in the lobby area next to the main entrance,and the exit door was propped open,really?,and the manager working miss moore is gonna tell me it's a security issue,I've had about enough of her attitude,she knows nothing about customer service or how to deal with people,i immediately saw the anxiety in her face when she said come another day,not today.So she thinks she's royalty and now owns the theatre right,and sticking up for 2 new employees wrongfully is pathetic at best,I've been going to this theatre since it opened in 08,won't be going to any amc anymore,maybe if you get fresh management and weed out the Charlotte's with a high and mighty attitude collecting an unlegitimate paycheck,then just maybe I'll return.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amc Theatres Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Amc Theatres Pros: Movie screens and sound.

Amc Theatres Cons: Very young employees and same burnout manager niss moore, Discrimination and poor customer service.

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Yeah, that's right. Show the world how right I am.

I'll bet it was exactly THIS behavior that got you tossed, and that whole 'door' thing is just a crummy excuse. You ain't foolin' nobody, sweetheart. And by the way... we BOTH know damned well you wouldn't threaten me to my face.

So you ain't impressing anyone, either. There.

Did you get enough of the attention you so desperately want? You done whining now?


You are definitely the whiner,by the way where you at,maybe we can talk about this face to face.


Semi-coherent letter. Seems you didn't like being told you shouldn't have done something that, yeah, you shouldn't have done, so now you're mad at everybody.

If you have kids, I wonder how you would react if they did something they shouldn't. Would you accept their excuse and let them throw a tantrum like this?

What does "the anxiety" in the employee's face have to do with any of it? Get over yourself.


You were not there idiot,get over yourself,you must work for amc because I see no other reason you'd be commenting on this,I been going here since the place opened in 08 so I now a lot about the place and employees,and how filthy the place gets thanks to poor management,and yes I have brought my daughters in the past but they don't even like going here anymore,there you have it screwball.


Somehow I seriously doubt you've told the entire story here. I say this because your spiel reads like the facebook chat of some whiny prissy spoiled teenager who doesn't like the word NO, who thinks the rules don't apply to her, who thinks that the whole world should just bend down and kiss her *** because she's oh-so-special.

As Beans so eloquently said, get over yourself. Maybe the manager doesn't own the theater, but then, YOU DON'T EITHER. Nonetheless, she IS the one responsible for it. You DO know what 'responsible' means, right?

It does not matter if the door was propped open - you were asked not to use it, and it sounds like you were just hell-bent on using it regardless because reasons. Seriously, if your rant is any indication of the way you behaved there, I'd have bounced your *** too - and with far more panache. 'Unlegitimate' paycheck. One: Unlegitimate isn't a word.

That's gradeschool stuff. Two: I'll bet that manager does more to earn HER keep than you do. I deal with people just like you daily, baby. Your act ain't nothin' new.

This whole thing reeks of a petty attempt at revenge because you just don't like being told NO.

Oh, yeah, go ahead and call me names and stuff. I love it watching the self-entitled but morally marginal resort to kindergarten warfare.


Mark and beans,?,I better not find out you 2 work there,your just a punk that wants to tell everyone no,including customers,It would have been nice if you were there big mouth.get some psychiatric help son.you've been abused.