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We're Stubs members and go to our local AMC theater in Brick NJ 3-4 times a month. We esp.

like the first showing on Sundays. Every time we go we go to the concessions stand and order coffee they do not have any, even though it is displayed on their board. This morning was no exception. The girl behind the counter said it would take 30 minutes to brew and she just stood there with a blank expression on her face.

I went over to the managers desk to speak to someone and he said he did not know why. I asked if we could bring in our own drinks next time and he said they did not allow that.

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It's a very safe bet that the 2 cups of coffee you guys buy are the only ones sold that day and the rest will be poured out. Coffee and tea are not big sellers at movie theaters. They're just there to offer variety to the fringe group of customers such as yourselves.

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um if coffee is so important to you go there 45min - 1hr prior to show time and ask for it, if it's not ready tell them you'll wait the 30 min brew time since your movie won't start till after that anyways, THEN if they for some reason refuse to then get management involved. I know most places that serve coffee as an option but isn't a big $$$ maker for them won't make it till people start ordering it.

why should they continue to waste $$$ making/disposing of coffee all day long if only 1-2 people actually want it?.

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