Durham, North Carolina
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I went to the ladies room after watching my movie several things were happening in there I thought a manager should be made aware of. I went to an usher and asked to speak with a manager, he calls on the walkie talkie.

Instead of coming to see what a paying Stubbs member or any customer wanted, he ask what does the person want. I am important when I spend my money there I should be important enough to get a face to face with a manager. I will not spend another dime at that theater or any other AMC. Loyalty Number ending #6746.

thanks for this time to express my feelings ...... I was their on 05-27,2019

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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And yet another snowflake princess thinks her $20 spent on a service grants her immediate and unfettered access to a member of management. Hey princess head up your buttocks, they have every right to use the tools they have to suss out if you needed real help.

They could have been on their lunch. So what you’re saying is YOU are more important then the Federal Government? That you by the fact that you witness something being done by CUSTOMERS have a 100% expectation to run and IMMEDIATELY tattle to the manager. Sorry princess loser, real life doesn’t work that way.

No one likes a snitch and no one gives a damn about your petty issues. What gets me is people like you think you’re so special and above everyone else. You probably have never gotten your nails dirty and expect your view of right and wrong is the ONLY one. It’s probably a good thing you won’t be going back ever again, they don’t need people like YOU with your nose in other peoples business.

You’re just mad because YOU didn’t get to start any drama. Or get someone fired or whatever your true goal was. I’m thinking that you’re so chintzy and cheap that you were going to try and make a scene to get something for free. Losers like you tend to play that card.

Either way, you had no right to tell anyone anything. Your movie was over. The manager has every right to ignore your request for a face to face. Mainly because they just do t care what YOU have to say.

I’m betting you get kicked out of a LOT of businesses. Mainly because YOU think you’re better then everyone else and you seem to think that you’re more important then you really are.


So you're not complaining about how the manager handled the actual bathroom issues, you are complaining about the fact that the manager wanted to know over the walkie-talkie what you wanted instead of doing a face-to-face? Who the F do you think you are?

You have NO idea what that manager may have been doing. Perhaps they were busy with something else and wanted to know if your request was urgent before stopping what they were doing?

Of course since you are the be all end all most important person on earth I guess they should have known. You are pathetic.