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I can honestly say I hate the New Website with a passion. Just want to see some simple showtimes.

It is a nightmare to navigate. I only want to see what is at a particular theater and the showtimes and the cost. Now it is so annoying just trying to find the basics, that I just give up. How can a company turn something as simple as trying to find a showtime into a torturous endeavor?

No wonder we don't go as often as we used to.

Going to a movie was enjoyable but AMC has turned it into a money grabbing overblown chore not worth the effort. Why did they have to over complicate something so simple?

Product or Service Mentioned: Amc Theatres Website.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Horrible horrible web site, horrible customer service!I've been trying to buy tickets for an hour. I keep getting a message that there's a remaining balance on my order and to add additional payments.... What additional payments and HOW?BTW I get the same message when I try to renew my membership, which I was NEVER notified if it expired.I've been on hold with their {{Redacted}}customer service (really?) for 40 minutes!I'm hanging up and NEVER GOING BACK TO AN AMC THEATER!GOOD RIDANCE F...ERS!


I hate the website, it's so BLACK. Can't hardly read anything.

Do they check this page to know how bad it is?

It's horrible. Hard to find out anything.


It would be amusing to see a bad website being redesigned to be a horrible website if it wasn't for the fact that I have to use it to buy tickets online now that my AMC has gone to all reserved seating. Carl/David, consider yourselves lucky, half of the time I just three bouncing dots instead of a list of showtimes.

Another joy I have experienced with the new website is being able to buy tickets online only to have AMC remove that showtime. Seriously, I''m not joking.

Then I have to call AMC customer service (another trip through ***) to get my money back so I can go back to the dumpster fire they call a website to try and buy tickets again.

Hey AMC, here is an idea, hire someone who actually does web design for a living.

Edinburgh, Indiana, United States #1355445

Absolutely the worse website for finding a movie I have ever seen. Google displays the movie times and movies much better than AMC. AMC website is trash

Roswell, Georgia, United States #1277155

Couldn't agree more! Website is a disaster!

When is AMC going to change it?

There have been numerous complaints since it was changed. AMC, please reply and tell us you will change it!

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