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Memorial day weekend, kids have 5 days off from school, I managed to get one day off from work, so we decide to go and watch Aladdin in 3D at the Palisades AMC in Nyack NY- what a mistake that was...

we arrive, the line is into the mall, apparently the movie was canceled so after we get in, we are told that the 3D movie was canceled, so we will be transferred to see it on a regular screen but we get a free popcorn as a compensation- OK so far... the line for the popcorn was even longer than the ticket line, the customer service manager, Chelsea, is being so rude and impatient to guests that are all complaining about the long wait and being late to the movie already- then it is our turn- the one person who is handling this line is handing me 4 small bags of popcorn that do not even cover the difference between the 3D tickets and the regular tickets, so I asked for ONE large popcorn and one large soda which comes close to the value, I get yelled at by him and his manager, both seem to be at our fresh out of high school (I am 46)… "you take this or your money back- you choose" so I asked for my money back, but now I was yelling back as well, security show up and ask me to leave, I demanded the money for the ticket and I will leave.

long story short- they did not give us the popcorn and soda, the refund and only my wife and kids were allowed in- I had to leave. I did not want to totally ruin my daughters day so I left and they watched the movie without me.

when the movie was over, my wife asked the manager once again why were we treated like that and all she got was attitude from this Chelsea girl

Dear AMC-

1. Customer service managers should have for the very least, customer

service experience.


This is the last time you will ever see us in one of your facilities and I will also return my AMC A List stubs card so you can keep it for educational and training purposes.

One of the most disgusting experiences I have ever had, by far. Shame on you!

Product or Service Mentioned: Amc Theatres Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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