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I have been on hold waiting for over 30 minutes - waiting for a person to answer. I have sent an email without a response.

I purchased tickets for tonight. The screen showed a confirmation number but have not received a confirmation email - over 1.5 hours after purchase. I would like a response, so I know if I have the tickets or not. I would also like to know why AMC theatre's are so hard to contact.

This is very POOR customer service. I should not have to join a program to get a response. I do not feel the need to join the STUB's club.

Please respond to customers who call and those who write emails. have not received confirmation email & can't reach customer service

Product or Service Mentioned: Amc Theatres Website.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Next time if u dont get the confirmation email. Just go to the AMC ticket booth and give them the card that u bought the tickets with. All they will do is swipe it and your tickets will pop up.


Same here and I’m a Stun member


I have spent countless hours on phone calls and in e-mail communication with NO RESOLUTION WHATSOEVER!! The freaking site says my e-mail is invalid, though I receive e-mails from AMC and have always used the e-mail.

I'm constantly told the issue is being escalated, but no contact is ever received and this has been going on for MONTHS!! I am FED UP!!