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I went friday morning to get tickets for Saturday afternoon, we were already sitting in the theater when this lady approached me to see my tickets. I didn’t have them.

She said the tickets this employee sold to me was for Friday and I need to get out of there. The want me to move 4 children and 2 adults that were already sitting watching the movie because this employee made a mistake. Then Manager Adrianna Muresan was trying to give me new tickets for another time and when I ask for the General Manager Cal -no last name because they are not allow— start bullying me trying to play games asking me to repeat what she just said to me, telling me that we are going in circles, and she is not going to talk anymore. Then left me There and ignoring me.

Then they told me the only manager available is Cal—- are you serious, this bully is in really a manager, how many times more she behaved this way??? It make sense to call security to take me out of the theater with 4 kids who are excited to watch Avengers???

Cal is just a bully!!! I can not imagine how many times she start playing this way with other customers before.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amc Theatres Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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