Morristown, New Jersey
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Earlier today, I attempted to purchase movie tickets online. Using Chrome, I go to AMC's website, find my theater, find my movie, select a time.

So far, so good. Then I select a seat, and confirm I was purchasing the ticket for an adult. The window loads, and I was greeted with a pop up reading "Oops! Time is up.

We had to release any reserved tickets or food & beverage items because the allotted time has expired."

Try the same thing in Safari, same result. Fine, maybe it's my computer. Do the same thing on my smartphone, and am met with the same results. I called movie theater directly that I'm trying to buy the tickets for -- no answer from a human, only a prerecorded message to call the company help line.

So I do that.

The operator suggested to use a third party site, which ultimately works, but they (Fandango) charge more.

Not that I'm nickel and diming, but c'mon, I just want to buy a ticket. If you have to send your audience to a website NOT your own, you're running a business the wrong way.

I'm literally trying to GIVE them money, and they just want to give me a headache.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $15.

Amc Theatres Cons: Management and employees.

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