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Terrible experience of getting discriminated by the staff and the manger at this theater! At the entrance, the staff didn’t let me in, because I had a Chipotle bag in my hand.

They said according to AMC’s policy, no food and beverage is allowed inside the theater. I told them that I want to take the food home and don’t have any intention to eat it there, but since I cannot leave it anywhere else, I will put it inside my backpack, but they said because they can see me putting the food in the backpack, I’m not allowed in. I asked them how would they know other people don’t have any food/drink in their bags/backpacks? They answered that they cannot search personal belongings.

This begs the question, isn’t this a true example of double-standard policy and obvious discrimination? Just to make things worse, because I stood my ground and challenged them with their own argument, the manager didn’t refund my money and told me to call the AMC corporation.

Theater is meant to be a place for entertainment, but the management’s incompetency and inflexibility to realize this simple fact results in a horrible customer experience. Basically, they ruined my evening, didn’t let me watch the movie that I paid for, and didnt refund my money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amc Theatres Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Where was the discrimination? You may want to grab a dictionary.


“Chipotle” is not a protected class. “Person who admits they’re about to break the rules” isn’t, either. Nor is it a double standard; that would be if they blocked you but allowed in another person that they also knew actually had food with them.


No outside food or drinks means exactly that.

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