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Negative stars! This might be long, but please read this.

Do NOT under any circumstances go to an AMC theater. (This review in particular is for AMC in Burbank, CA). I have a friend who is handicapped and worked at this theater. Due to her handicap, she is unable to dress herself, and her husband (she is a wife and mom) would have to come to the theater each time to put her uniform on her.

They have a policy at the theater that employees are unable to give free concessions to friends and family. That being said, one day my friend had a beverage balancing on the arm of her wheelchair. It was her drink and was filled to the brim. Her husband was there dressing her and she was concerned that he was going to accidentally knock it over as he was putting on her clothes.

So he took a single sip to lower the fluid level and put it down. Her supervisor saw this and she was immediately let go for giving away free concessions. Even though this was the supposed reason, I believe she was let go because of her handicap. Also, what kind of ludicrous policy is this?!?!

So please help me.

Do not spend your hard-earned money at a place that discriminates against the handicapped. Thanks!

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