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Bought tickets in advance for whole family to see Star Wars in 3d at AMC dinner theater.We were all excited, especially the kids and my fiancé.

When placing our food order, the waitress said "you will not be drinking beer today" after i told her i had left my id in my bigger purse at home (we Christmas shopped prior to tge movie and i changed to my smaller purse to make it easier to carry around). I understood she couldnt serve me, but thought it was rude how she said it especially in front of the kids. We both ordered diet coke and my fiance went to the lobby and got a beer. The waitress saw me take a sip of his beer and stomped over and yanked it out of my hand saying you cant have this and walked away.

I felt bad that the kids witnessed this and my fiance' lost his beer because of me. He went back to the lobby and bought another beer which i was not going to drink for sure since he lost his last one. Yet again our movie gets interupted by another twenty something year old who said she is the manager and then proceeded to tell me "we will kick you out if we see you drinking his beer" I wasnt doing anything but being embarrased and completely annoyed.. Im a 51 year old woman who was looking forward to a nice dinner/movie experience being completely disgraced and belittled by these young punks abusing their authority.

They were intruding on my family's movie experience/time together along with the others who were sitting around us. I said "well that's just beautiful" and got up and left so the kids could actually concentrate on watching the movie instead of watching the drama of these young women bullying me. I would understand their behavior had i been rowdy, was causing a scene or even come close to looking 20 like i was tying to get away with something. I was none of those things.

My fiancée was upset and went searching for me while the kids were left to watch this family movie by themselves. I told him to go back in to be with the kids and i just walked around an empty mall (stores closed) hungry and in tears. I just dont understand and i certainly wasnt going back in to cause more interuptions for everyone else by these two unreasonable girls bullying me. Why did they feel the need to embarrass and do a power play on a regular 51 year old woman who is just trying to enjoy her new family and wasnt hurting anyone.

It was over the top ridiculous and out of line. Since when did everyone lose simple common sense.

I never want to go back again.I was shaking from being so upset.


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