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To whom it may concern, This is Ms. Taylor a customer that comes to AMC Theater to watch the most recent movies.

I have very upset that me, and my family came to watch the Avengers but my daughter was addressed by your manager Tiffany that was very unprofessional. She stated that my daughter had to take her baby out or leave the movie. My grandson was quite. So she took him out ,and received a refund.

It doesn't state anywhere that babies, can't attend the movies, nor can they talk. AMC is apparently not family oriented. This caused me, and my family some hardship. My daughter left in tears causing me, and my son to have to find another way home.

Your manager thought this was a laughing matter but I did not. My grandson didn't get a chance to finish the movie, they were embarrassed,and hurt. An all my life I have never been treated so disrespectful in my life. I hope that you resolve this issue because if not I will take it a step futher.

Everyone deserves to be treated fair. I can be reached at 334 314-7271.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amc Theatres Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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The movie is PG13, this is for your knowledge. Other viewers deserve respect and based on your claim you grandson was probably disturbing the audience.

Managers are not aware what's going on inside the exhibition rooms.

Most likely the manager got a reasonable complaint. You should be embarrased not for what happened but for your complaint.


What part of common sense and common politeness is hard to understand? A baby can’t talk but it can SCREAM!

A baby doesn’t have filters yet. So it doesn’t know HOW to process the flashing lights and loud sounds that ANY movie is going to have. You suggest that you were harmed in someway but it’s the other way around. Why should a room full of people be subjected to a screaming child all because ONE PERSON can’t get a baby sitter?

The needs of the many and such. By your logic an entire room of people, human beings, should be subjected to a crying baby because YOU say so? You leave the baby with a sitter and go enjoy the movie. And YES I am saying leave the baby.

ALL parents know that you lose out on social situations when you have children. To FORCE everyone there to have to listen to a crying child and disrupt THEIR experience is HIGHLY SELFISH! Are YOU going to refund every single persons ticket because the baby starts screaming? No you expect the movie theater to do so.

Better to refund one then an entire room. Get over yourself no one wants to literally hear it.


I'm sure if they asked her to take him out he was not being quiet. You must also be considerate of the others who paid good money to see the movie but could not enjoy it because of a child not behaving in the theater.