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i apologize for my profanity in advance, but *** AMC THEATRES!! all me and my friends were trying to do was see a movie.

was it rated r? yes. were we underage? yes.

BUT there was an adult accompanying us for at least half of this experience so i don't understand how or why these employees felt the need to kick us out. the employees and security were the absolute worst. so rude and obnoxious.

don't go to amc unless you want to feel the strong urge to strangle someone. have a blessed evening honey bunnies xoxo

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You said the adult was there for half of the experience, so did they leave partway through? Because the rule is that they have to be there with you for the entire duration.

Judging by the style of your review here, you weren't mature enough to handle being there and behaving on your own.

If I may, how did they discover the adult was missing? Did someone complain?

Did they notice the guardian leave the building? If it's the former, what were you doing that called attention to your group?


Good for AMC!

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